Where in the World is Katie G?Watch now (3 min) | Let me fill you in, and thank you!
The Latest on John Durham Updates the MSM Ignore - "the biggest criminal conspiracy against a sitting president in the United States history"
Durham: CONFIRMED! Clinton Lackies of Perkins Coie SPIED on President Trump Watch now (15 min) | Spying at the Trump Tower and the White House - Data Provided by DARPA
Kari Lake RUINS Australian 60 Mins "Lunatic Journalist"Watch now (26 min) | Kari Lake, former journalist, now running for AZ Governor, almost can't believe what she just witnessed. Do not miss one second of…
Reports Circulating: Beijing Covid Variant Outbreak Affecting Winter Olympics and World Leaders?Watch now (20 min) | Watch this video! Rumors of Virus Outbreak at Winter Olympics - Dr. Malone told us first! NBC tears flowing
Establishment says China is now BAD, and more Russian Disinformation lol! What is going on?
It's lookin' that way. #Freedom for what "Let's Go Justin" calls "the fringe minority" LOL!
A John Durham Discovery Update in the Michael Sussmann Case
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